Special Topics Tutorial: Managing Software-defined Infrastructures

National University of Singapore
School of Computing
Jun/July 2017

Instructor: Boon Thau Loo
Room: Video Conference (VC) room
Time: 2-4pm.
Office hours: Email to set up appointment (Office: AS6-05-19).
Discussion group: Link

Course Description

This seminar class explores techniques for managing software-defined infrastructures (SDIs) that are virtualized and delivered as a service. Topics covered include software-defined networking platforms, programming languages, verification tools, fault diagnostics and monitoring, and debugging tools that enable SDIs to be deployed correctly with high availability. The chosen topics are structured around the instructor’s current research interests. Students are encouraged to use this seminar class as a way to bootstrap new collaborative research projects with the instructor and their current supervisors.

This class is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who have taken a computer networks class.


Date Topic Paper/Websites Remarks
Jun 27 Basics FatTree [SIGCOMM08]
Nox08 (optional)
Open-vSwitch [HotNets09] (optional)
ONIX [OSDI10] (optional)
Jun 29 Programming abstractions Declarative networking [CACM09]
NetEgg [CoNEXT15]
P4-14 and P4 website (optional)
Pyretic13 [NSDI13] (optional)
Jul 3 Debugging with network provenance Secure Network Provenance [SOSP11]
Differential Provenance [SIGCOMM16]
Network Provenance [SIGMOD10] (optional)
Distributed Time-aware Provenance [VLDB’13] (optional)
Missing events [SIGCOMM14] (optional)
Automated Bug Removal [NSDI17] (optional)
Provenance Compression [SIGMOD17] (optional)
Jul 5 Diagnostics, monitoring, and multi datacenters NetPoirot [SIGCOMM16]
Scalanytics [HPDC 2013] (optional)
WL2 [SOSR15] (optional)