CIS 700/005 – Special Topic

Networking Meets Databases
Spring 2007

Instructor: Boon Thau Loo
Room: Bennett Hall 141
Time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-6pm
Office hours: Wednesday 3-4pm (605 Levine Hall)


  • 20 Apr 07: Final project report and all summaries are due Apr 25. If you want to discuss your project, email me to set up an appointment.
  • 19 Apr 07: The list of class project presenters is available here (within Dinner (i.e. pizzas + drinks) will be provided. See you all in class!
  • 17 Apr 07: Final class project presentations will be on Apr 19. Please come prepared with a 10 minute presentation, followed by 3 minutes Q&A. Email me your presentation slides by 4pm on thursday.
  • 16 Apr 07: Optional papers on DTN and vehicular Internet access for tuesday’s class.
  • 13 Apr 07: I will be holding extra office hours on tuesday Apr 16 from 3-4pm. Please drop by to discuss your class project presentations.
  • 3 Apr 07: Model-based querying in sensor networks [PDF].
  • Old announcements.

    Course Description

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in research that spans both networking and databases. This interest has been fueled by the growth of many areas, including peer-to-peer networks, data-centric network architectures, sensor networks, and network monitoring systems. The goal of this graduate seminar course is to introduce students to current research at the intersection of databases and networking. Topics covered include content-based networking, Internet-scale query processing, declarative and active networking, query optimizations in networked systems, distributed network monitoring, stream processing and sensor databases.This course includes paper readings, discussions and a project. The reading list includes research papers from database, networking and systems conferences.

    Course pre-requisites: undergraduate database and knowledge of networking. I will spend a few lectures reviewing relevant database and networking materials.


    You are welcomed to audit the class. If you wish to take the class for credit, do take note of the requirements below:

  • Paper summaries: 30%
  • Class participation: 20%
  • Class presentation: 10%
  • Project: 40%

Students are required to read 1-2 papers for each class, and email paper summaries to the instructor by noon the day of the class. A paper summary should be half a page long and consists of the following:

  • What is the problem that the paper tries to solve?
  • What are the main contributions and/or main shortcomings of the paper?
  • What improvements (if any) can be made to the paper?In addition, each student will be asked to select one paper from the reading list to be presented in class. More information on the project is available here.


    Date Topic Reading Slides Presenter Remarks
    Jan 9 Class introduction and basic database concepts None [PDF] Boon No summaries due.
    Jan 11 Introduction to distributed and parallel databases None [PDF] Boon Introduction email due. No summaries due.
    Jan 16 Content-based networking (p2p networks) [SMK+01] [BKK+03] [PDF] Boon
    Jan 18 Internet-scale query processing [HHL+03] [CLA03] [PDF] Boon
    Jan 23 [YD04] [PDF] Varun
    Jan 25 Internet-scale publish/subscribe [SCG01] [PDF] [PDF] Micah
    Jan 30 [DRF04] [PDF] Mengmeng
    Feb 1 Intentional Naming System [WSB99] [PDF] Rick
    Feb 6 Cost-based pub/sub optimizations [RPS06] [PDF] [PDF] Ali
    Feb 8 Introduction to Internet architecture None [PDF] Boon No summaries due.
    Feb 12 Project proposal due.
    Feb 13 Internet Indirection Infrastructure [SAZ+02] [PDF] Boon
    Feb 15 Declarative Routing [LHS+05] [PDF] Joe
    Feb 20 Declarative Overlays [LCH+05] [PDF] Eric
    Feb 22 Active networks [SN+04] [PDF] Yun
    Feb 27 Routing on Flat Labels [CCK+06] [PDF] Boon
    March 1 Network forensics [XSR06] [PDF] Gaurav Two minute spiel on class project.
    Mar 3-11 Spring break
    March 13 Introduction to streams [BBD02] [PDF] Boon
    March 15 Aurora stream engine [Aba03] [PDF] Varun
    March 20 Borealis distributed stream engine [Aba05] [PDF] Mengmeng
    March 22 Stream optimizations [PLS06] [PDF] Ali
    March 23 Project status report due.
    March 27 Stream optimizations [MSH02] [PDF] TJ
    March 29 Tiny AGgregation (TAG) [MFH02] [PDF] Svilen
    Apr 3 Acquisitional query processing (TinyDB) [MFH03] [PDF] Rick
    Apr 5 TinyOS abstractions [LMG04] [PDF] Eric, Yun Yun’s NSDI practice talk [S4] in class.
    Apr 10 Geographic Hash Table [RKY02] [PDF] Shirley
    Apr 12 PathDCS [ERS06] [PDF] Joe Micah’s early class project presentation.
    Apr 17 CarTel [HBC06] [PDF] Grigoris
    Apr 19 Project presentations (4:30pm-7pm) Dinner (i.e. pizzas) will be provided.
    Apr 25 Project report due.